to join our wonderful server, open minecraft java edition and enter the IP:

go to the #minecraft channel on our discord server and give us your ign to get whitelisted. if you aren't in the server, ask someone who's in it to give you an invite

info ℹ️

kilobeast is an invite-only 1.18 server where you can build, explore, and shop with friends. it is vanilla hard-mode smp with some qol plugins such as quickshop and basic grief protection

good dog is a bot on our server that is talented enough to provide discord-minecraft synthesis. take a peek at the #ingame-chat channel to see what's going on in the server, and send chats in this discord channel to relay messages to players in minecraft. you can also use the /list command in discord to see who's all online

we have a dynmap at player positions are hidden

rules & governance 📜

if someone is breaking the rules, post in the #minecraft channel or dm chezhead. rulebreakers will be subject to a tribunal of their peers

rules can be changed by participating in the merchant's guild. this group can create motions to change server rules, store tax rates, or other facets of the server. these motions can be brought to a vote and implemented if they pass and are not vetoed by the admin. see the #merchant-guild channel for more info

donate 💳

server costs are $16/mo and may increase in the future. so just send that amount or whatever you can spare. dm chezhead for his venmo or give him cash in person

if you donate a solid amount, you will become an illustrious gold member. this will give you the essentials.sleepingignored permission, so you do not need to sleep at the same time as other players to pass the day.

economy 💸

The Copper Exchange, where money is made

the world of kilobeast ruins on Martins, our currency. this is denoted by the '₼' symbol. everybody gets 50₼ to start. you can check your balance with /balance or see who has the most cash with /balancetop. you can pay others for favors or services using /epay [player] [amount]

the value of the Martin is tied to copper ingots -- a server-official Copper Exchange is at x 15 z 10. This store will always buy and sell copper ingots for 0.5₼ each, making copper a useful means of exchange and store of wealth.

we use quickshop for creating stores. these can be used to buy items from players, or sell items in your chest to others. left-click on a chest with an item in hand and follow the prompts to create a store. click on a player shop chest to see the items being bought/sold, and enter a number in chat to buy/sell a discrete amount of items. click the [Item Preview] in the chat window to see a preview of the item, which is useful for ensuring enchantment honesty, reviewing potion quality, or verifying item quantity. type /qs help to see more commands or check out the plugin documentation for more info or helpful videos

creating a shop costs 5₼. changing the price of a shop with the /qs price command costs 2₼. there is a 1% tax on every transaction. shop chests are protected and cannot be broken by other players

the best way to get money early is to sell copper ingots to the admin shop. besides this, provide useful or unique goods and services to other players and you will certainly become wealthy.